Monday, 2 July 2012

Bottom six added what's next?

After the addition of forwards Armstrong and Prust, and re-signing Moen,White, Nikolanen the bottom six of the Montreal Canadiens 2012-13 is almost clear. With Blunded signing a 2-way contract, where most of his playing time is predicted to be with the bulldogs, he will be called up in case of injuries among bottom line players.
Whats' next ? GMs around the league forecast a slow movement in the free agents market untill the big fishes are gone (Parise,Sutter). Assuming our 1st-line is Max-DD-Cole, and bottom lines set we need to improve our second line. It's still unknown and unclear how the organization will approach that, the new GM was heard saying he's ready to give a chance to young players like Leblanc and Gallagher, it can be an option. We have to wait and see, it can be a trade, a signing a call up but the second line needs to improve.


  1. Nice blog. It's a bit hard to judge your exact position based on two posts, but time will tell. One thing of which I'm certain is, you definitely need some kind of proofreader/editor if you want widespread reading of your blog. Let me know, I might be interested in doing it for you.

  2. Hi,thanks for not judging us so soon,we are still in the recruiting and launching phase,we'll use the month of july to get the blog running smooth. We're looking for an editor and we are interested in your services.

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