Monday, 2 July 2012

Bergevin confirms Price extended for 6 years

The British Colombia native Goalie will celebrate his 25th birthday next month. The contract agreed upon between the habs management and the goalie's agent today has a cap hit of  6.5million $ / year. Carey Price expressed his emotions through a conference call: "it's huge for me , it's honor to come back." he continued "it shows confidence from the organization, now it's my turn to prove them right". 

If one look at what Carey Price have completed till now, the contract would look like an over-payment, since the habs drafted goalie have only won 1 series in his young career. But, if one look at what can Carey Price complete in his prime (25-30 years old) it looks like a fair deal. Looking at the goalie market, Quick getting signed for 5.8 M$ but on a 10 years span, Schneider's contract in Vancouver  and Rinne in Nashville inspire us to give this signing a grade of

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